May 16, 2007

First Easter!

We had quite a crowd on Easter! Saturday, Aunt Liz, Nell, Great-Grandma Chronister, Grandpa Chronister, Grandma Bev and Auntie Lauren all came to visit! We colored eggs, had an egg hunt and visited!! I took great naps and had a blast!

9 months

9 months was also a joy. And then she learned to crawl. She actually learned 2 days before her 9 month birthday, but we're rounding up. And really, at first, she stuck to her little piece of carpet, not really venturing out. Well, that all changed. But she's got lots of teeth now and lots more coming in!!

8 months

8 months...was a wonderful time! She will sit and play quietly with her toys! She's not yet crawling, but scooting around backwards. She talks ALL the time, mama, dada, yaya, etc. She is a great baby!!!