Sep 20, 2007

All Caught Up...September 2007

What a month. We are in a new/old house. We have (finally) started on our new/new house! Hallie is walking all over the place and talking up a storm. Irma was diagnosed with cervical cancer, which meant lots of radiation treatments for her, and a new/temporary babysitter for us. We pray every day for Irma to get better!

We visited mom and Red in Moberly. Aunt Sue, Uncle Mike, Jill, Kyle and Nelson were all there. It was Grandma Perkin's birthday. So we had a nice dinner!

We also attended the Arenzville Burgoo...what fun! We got to see lots of family and friends and play with balloons.

So far for the house, they have dug the basement...and then some footings.

August 2007...almost caught up!!

We moved this month . We will miss our old house very much!! We like the old, farm house...and as Lucille loves to point out, it's a great house. AHEM.

We went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Chronister and Aunt Lauren in St. Louis. We had a good time!

Hallie started walking on August 13th, 1 day after she turned 13 months. My little stinker! She is a great talker and jibber jabbers all the time.

July 2007...Birthday Time!! Picture Overload

We had a blast at the birthday party!! We had lots of family and friends invited and we had a blast! Lots of family came in from out of town and then we had lots of in-town friends and family too. We did it up BBQ style and had some kiddie pools for the little ones. It was great!

Preparty jitters...will people like my dress???

Oh, Eli...get your butt off the sprinkler.

This pool feels great on such a hot, summer day!

No words needed...

Please. Go Home. Everyone. Now.

More Catch Up....June 2007

Not much going on this month. I believe the house was sold by this point, so we were busy getting stuff sort of packed up and ready to go. Dave started getting busy, so it was lots of mommy time!!

Catch Up Time...May 2007

Let's see...this puts us around 11 months? Hallie is a champion crawler at this point and follows mommy around wanting to be held! She is quite a cutie and has gotten her molars and lots more teeth! Our buddy Tice dropped by for a snooze on his mommy. Wow...he looks just like his daddy!! :)