Nov 1, 2007

Halloween...Ballerina Bumblebee!

Hallie was a ballerina bumblebee this year for Halloween! Mommy sort of dropped the ball on the costume...oh well! She still looked adorable!

Hallie adores her cousin, Eli. She absolutely idolizes "Eyi".

A fuzzy pic, but the only smile she would give me! Notice the cookie on her face...

Being silly with daddy and some googley eyes!

Love the pigtails! Her hair is so fine, but we manage to work with it!

Papa, Grandma Bev and Auntie Lauren came to visit Halloween Day. We had a great time hanging out. Aunt Lauren got to ride in the semi with Mike. Hallie got to chill out on Papa (notice the Mizzou garb), and then we got a quick pic right before we left to go trick or treating!

Here are the trick or treating pics! I dont' have time to add captions...