May 31, 2011

Still in the Pool!

If you will remember, I created a baby pool to find out when this baby will come and some fun details.

At this point, the pool is thinning (draining?):

Birth Date Predition


May 29
Auntie Melissa

May 30
Papapa (my dad)

May 31
Grandma Granny (barb)


June 1st

June 2nd

June 3rd

June 4th
Nana Jo


Let Me Back Up.

(still pregnant - no changes - don't ask)

Thursday evening my daughter graduated...from Pre-K.

They wore caps and walked in a procession and it was adorable.

May 26, 2011

The Carseat-

is still down in the basement with a fine coat of drywall dust.

We are awesome parents.

Dave promises me he will install the seat tonight. I know he will.

We have a great start on laundry - thanks to Dave.

The artwork is hung in the nursery - thanks to Dave.

The changing pad has been purchased - thanks to Barb.

My ankles are starting to swell - what's that all about?


In other news, this weekend is the Big Race Party! Littleton Race Fundraiser thing-y. It's a great time.

Remember from last year? (click)

This year is Confederate Railroad and Kentucky Headhunters.

My mom-in-law and I feed the bands at my house. Which means I have to clean. So anyone who comes to visit this weekend (dad) will be forced to clean.

C'mon out to the race party - email me for more information. The shows are Saturday, but Mad Hoss is playing tomorrow night too. Food and beer and lots of fun people. $15 at the door.

In other news, this weekend is ALSO Hallie's dance recital weekend!

Two shows on Saturday and two on Sunday.

Ask me how crazy this weekend will be.

Do it. Ask me.

I dare you.

And don't you dare tell me I look like I'm about to pop.

May 25, 2011

At Least We Have Food.

I stocked up (sort of) our fridge and pantry last night. I say sort of, because Dave will have it all gone by the end of the week. He is a bottomless pit.

Barb picked me up a changing pad at BRU last night, so we're good on that.

And...that's it.

Carseat tonight. We have to get the carseat installed tonight. After dance recital rehearsal and pre-K graduation.

And let's do some laundry. Why not?

May 24, 2011

Ah, Geez. More To-Do.


  • install the freaking car seat.
  • buy a changing pad
  • empty the overflowing laundry basket full of random crap I found in the baby's closet.
  • move the swing to the living room (but really, now? says Dave)
  • move the baby papasan chair down to basement
  • hang up the freaking artwork
  • buy food for our empty pantry and refrigerator
  • clean the house for the race-party this weekend
My problem: I am super gung ho to do these things....while I'm at work. And then I get home and i'm all sorts of pooped out. Or, we have a zillion things to do in the evening (it seems) and then I poop out.

I'm pooped. Out.

May 23, 2011


I had the extreme fun of helping to organize a flash mob for the Jacksonville Downtown Turnaround Celebration this last Saturday.

It was so much fun. Stressful to make sure it all coordinated, but fun.

If you look around the 3:48 mark, you can see a VERY pregnant girl in a yellow t-shirt with two little girls in pink and a woman in a black and white striped top. That would be ME, Hallie, Mackenzie and BARB!

Love it.

May 20, 2011

38 Weeks.

I have a doctor's appointment today - this morning, actually. I've been pretty lazy about the appointments. Getting to Springfield and back during the week requires at least 3-4 hours of sick/vacation time to claim. I hate that. And Dave rarely goes with me, because it does take such a chunk out of the day.

But tomorrow, he's going with me, and I might go ahead and let them check me. I've been declining the checks up to this point. I suppose I could have started at 36 weeks. BUT WHY?!

Oh how I hate checks.

So much. So, so, so much. I can vividly remember my very first check when I was pregnant with Hallie. I was shocked. And I remember the three worst things about my labor/delivery with Hallie were:

1. The stupid blood pressure cuff
2. The IV and how they blew 18 million veins before they finally stuck me properly

They can just keep their hands to themselves.

I am pretty sure I am not dilated a bit. I don't feel any low pressure and the baby is moving around like crazy. I think I will make it up to my due date, just like with Hallie. And that's fine. There's enough going on between now and then to keep me busy. Things I don't want to miss.

Like the cutest dance recital in the world next weekend. I can't wait!

PS - I have created a baby pool. If you want to get in on the action, feel free to fill in your guesses!!!

May 19, 2011

Witte's Wedding.

Hallie took most of the pictures. Obviously.


But we did end up with a few cute ones!
But this picture sums up the entire weekend.
And I just realized this is the only picture I have of Brandon and Jenna.
Seriously, that is it.

May 18, 2011

Fruit Trees.

Thanks to Dylan, I now have two fruit trees - cherry and apple. I am very excited.

And Dave was more than willing to plant them for me, with the help of our little Hillbilly Hallie.

I love when she rocks her cowgirl boots. Especially paired with some short shorts and a t-shirt tied in the back.

We are real classy.


May 17, 2011

T-Ball is WAY Better Than Soccer.

At least for Hallie.

No tears, lots of fun. I'm so glad.

We had our first game last night. I was prepared for a freak out, nerves, tears, etc.

Nope. She did great. Had fun. Good stuff.

May 16, 2011

Feeling Good. Feeling Ready. But Not Too Ready.

My garden is planted and growing and the nursery is 95% complete.

I'd say that's good enough.

After a weird week last week, what with the baby moving transverse and all, we are back to good this week. I think the baby did it on purpose. It gave us an excuse for a late ultrasound, which was 3D and pretty creepy awesome. It looks like we have another Dave look-a-like up in this uterus.

Regardless, the baby is back to head down, but still floating up high and non-engaged. And that's fine too. I'm pretty content at the moment. I'm not uncomfortable (except after Los Rancheros like last night - yikes), so even though I look like I could pop at any moment, please rest assured that I'm not.

I'm good for now. We'll see how I feel later on this week, or even today. I always feel heavier as the day goes on.

Pictures tomorrow - garden, Hallie in cowgirl boots, my new fruit trees, etc.

May 12, 2011

How My Garden Grows.

(pics to come)

Dave and Hallie planted my garden for me last night. I purchased the plants that I wanted and simply pointed where I wanted them planted.

I really liked that arrangement. I wonder if I could get away with that next year too. Probably not.
This year I kept things super simple, but added a couple of surprises.

Strawberries, of course - already have some precious green (and big ones too!) berries ready to ripen. They are plants from last year that we pinched off to give them more time to grow. I think it's going to pay off, because they look fabulous. Our biology teacher at LLCC also gave me a few Dunlap strawberries to plant, but those won't produce much until next year.

Green Beans - new this year! I bought a bush variety - Kentucky Blue. I think Hallie will have fun picking them for me. We're going to stagger plant them a bit and plant some more in a few weeks. Then we'll have a longer harvest season.

Tomatoes - lots of them. Roma for saucing, celebrity and better boy for eating, and sweet million, lemon cherry and cherry tomatoes to eat fresh off the vine.

Basil - I love basil so much. And it's so easy. And it just keeps growing and growing, as long as you keep cutting and cutting.

Peppers - red, green and orange. Hallie loves her some peppers.

Cukes & Zukes - cucumbers and zucchini, just two of each. They were gigantic last year and we had gobs to share.

And finally, the most exciting new plant of all - Kohlrabi. Oh, just google it. It's for Barb. And Hallie. The only two people I know that will eat it. You're supposed to plant it earlier in the spring, but I hope it will still grow okay. We'll find out!

I did companion planting again this year. It worked really well last year. I had zero pest problems and no rot or blight or anything like that. Plus, it makes me happy to know that I'm planting veggie friends together and keeping enemies apart.

For example, did you know that tomatoes and kohlrabi do not get along? And that tomatoes and basils are best friends?

Now, it needs to hurry up and rain. I haven't watered the plants and they need a good watering. It's supposed to rain this afternoon, so I think i'm good.

May 11, 2011

Well, Okay.

This baby is most certainly a boy.


Because it has flipped back to transverse aka sideways. Little stinker. It definitely takes after
Dave's side of the family

This means I am tighter than tight at the top and sides of my belly. I am streeeeetched. My belly looks awesome.

But that's okay. He/she will flip back, by golly. I have a consult with an ob tomorrow to do an ultrasound to determine the position. At that point, they will schedule a version (look it up - yay) to manual turn the baby. Sounds like fun? Oh, it's going to be!

In other news, I  bought everything needed for my garden.

Dave is going to help me put it in tonight - I can't wait! I'm keeping it pretty simple this year.

May 9, 2011

And It's Starting to Get Real.

Tonight I plan to pack a hospital bag and sterilize some pacifiers.

That's pretty crazy.

My to-do list is dwindling down. Dave brought up the (non-matching) green recliner from the basement last night and we moved the baby's glider into the baby's room. I need to organized a bit more in there, but we have all of the necessities ready to roll.

Except the bassinet. BARB - we can't forget to get this. Like, this week.

May 3, 2011

This a.m., my daughter and my pimple. What a title.

My favorite little girl with bedhead and very stinky morning breath.

Also this morning, I have a huge, giant, enormous, red, inflammed pimple.

As a rule, I never pop my pimples. It makes them worse, I say. Just let them deflate and de-red on their own, but do not pop them. My husband is the opposite. Pop the darn things before they get bad.

Well, yesterday I had a pimple that looked like it was getting bigger. And we have Witte's wedding this weekend. So I thought...let's get it over with now. Better to have it red and yucky now than at the wedding.

So I popped.

I made it mad. Really mad.

And now it is like purple red it is so mad.

And it is HUGE.

May 2, 2011

Nursery List - Take 2 - I Love Morgan

I'm making progress:
For the Nursery:
  • Buy fresh, white onsies
  • Wash existing onsies and other gender neutral gowns/clothes
  • Wash receiving blankets, crib sheets and boppy cover
  • Prep and wash cloth diapers
  • Wash basinett bedding - get basinett from Barb's house (Barb - REMIND ME!)
  • Sort through overwhelming giant box of toys to sort out baby toys
  • Hang artwork on walls
  • Make and hang mobile
  • Bring monitors upstairs
  • Purchase sound machine
  • Purchase wipes
  • Purchase batteries for the swing
  • Purchase California Baby diaper cream - got some CJs BUTTer from Morgan! (see below)
  • Purchase Vaseline (anticipating a circumcision!)
  • Find 2nd base for the carseat - get other carseat stuff ready
  • Dave to build shelves
  • Bring in DiaperChamp
  • Newborn diapers from Morgan
Dear Morgan,

I love you so much. Thank you for the HUGE box of newborn diapers - there are a million in there! I couldn't believe it when I opened that box up. I forgot how tiny those diapers are, which means there were freaking TONS in there. Seriously, thank you so much.

Also, to anyone buying diaper cream...get some of this CJs BUTTer. I might be obsessed now. Morgan sells it in her online all-natural baby store:

This stuff is amazing for eczema, diaper rash, etc. And it is cloth diaper safe. I got the Monkey Farts, Love Spell and a sample of My Pixie Pie. Monkey Farts is our favorite.