May 11, 2011

Well, Okay.

This baby is most certainly a boy.


Because it has flipped back to transverse aka sideways. Little stinker. It definitely takes after
Dave's side of the family

This means I am tighter than tight at the top and sides of my belly. I am streeeeetched. My belly looks awesome.

But that's okay. He/she will flip back, by golly. I have a consult with an ob tomorrow to do an ultrasound to determine the position. At that point, they will schedule a version (look it up - yay) to manual turn the baby. Sounds like fun? Oh, it's going to be!

In other news, I  bought everything needed for my garden.

Dave is going to help me put it in tonight - I can't wait! I'm keeping it pretty simple this year.


alis-on said...

Your boy needs to cooperate and turn that little head down! Thinking of you...hang in there, not much longer!

Anonymous said...

ouch! Move it baby...

Betsy said...

My own little stinker did the same thing... fortunately he flipped around on his own about 2 weeks before I was due. I'll pray the same will happen for you!