Nov 24, 2008

It Was Bound to Happen.

Hallie was initiated into the Boar's Nest. She can now drink jack & cokes and smoke stogies with the best of 'em. (that was a joke, so please do not call CPS on me). For those of you non-nesters, the "Boar's Nest" is a lovely hunting cabin in the middle of a cornfield where boys can fart, burp, drink, eat chili (hence the farting & burping) and look at dead animals. It is owned by Bob-O, Brandon and Janie (although I'm sure she doesn't spend much time there).

And now my daughter can check that off her list of things to see before she's three. I'm so proud.

Please Don't Report Me.

I can't believe I am actually posting these pictures. But I am. No, they are not nudie pictures. If they were, you would have to consent to be over the age of 18 :)

No, instead they are of my daughter. With a beer can. And brownie in her teeth. I blame Uncle Phil and Uncle Bunny.

(shame shame)

Nov 21, 2008

Vintage Friday

These make my heart ache. In a good way.

Nov 20, 2008

Day #6 - last day on Maui!

So sad for our last day on Maui, but SO excited to get home to see Hallie!!! We started the morning with a little bit of cliff jumping and beach time, and then took a drive and ate lunch at Beach Bums in Maalea.

(cliff jumping)

(Video of Dave cliff jumping earlier in the week)

(barb asleep in the car)

Barb & I did some shopping on Front Street in Lahaina and met the guys at the Banyan tree (3rd largest in the world) for some ice cream.

After that, we went back to the hotel to relax by the pool (we already had to check out of our rooms by this point), and then had our final dinner at Hula Grill, which was the first restaurant we ate at in Hawaii.

(last sunset in Maui)

After supper, we caught the shuttle to the airport and took off at 11:40PM Hawaii time. We arrive in Arizona at 8:30 AZ time, and then finally (FINALLY) landed in St.Louis at 1:40PM OUR TIME!!! My dad, brother and HALLIE met us in baggage claim and it was magical. Hallie just laughed and laughed and snuggled and HUGGED as much as she could. It was SO sweet. It was a great ending to a great trip. I would absolutely go back, but would take Hallie with me.

So, to recap, we:
*toured and hiked a volcanoe due to erupt
*toured the valley featured in Jurassic Park
*hiked in a rainforest with mean mosquitos (BTW - there are NO snakes in Hawaii) *Snorkeled in the middle of the ocean
*Surfed with a hottie instructor
*Cliff jumped
*Ate a lot
*Shopped a lot
*Relaxed a lot (although it doesn't sound like it)
*Made new friends
It was awesome. Thank you, BOSCH!!!!!! Please invite us again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day #5

Today we took surf lessons from Royal Surf Academy. And we all got up! Our friend Daniella went with us again, and brought along John, who she works with. We had so much fun. Our instructor was smokin' hot and really nice/tan/built.

*notice the horrible bug bites on my legs. Thank you, rainforest.
*dave's tongue hanging out.
*the instructor in the background of barb's picture.

After surfing we went to the Cool Cat Cafe in Lahaina for some burgers and then Bosch had a fabulous dinner for us that night. They hired a band, Natural Vibrations, which was a Hawaiian Reggae band. They were awesome.

Second-to-last sunset on Maui:

The freaking grass that Dave LOVED:

So cute:

All set up for the dinner:

Me & Barb:

Day #4

Day #4 was one of my very favorite days in Maui. We woke up super early and took a snorkel cruise to Molokini, and island/bird sanctuary/former volcano crater about an hour and 20 minutes off the coast. The ride out was a little bit bumpy and definitely made me want to puke a little, but once we got there, strapped on our snorkel gear and got in the water, we were fine. I was definitely nervous, since I had never snorkeled before, and hate getting salt water in my eyes/ears/nose/mouth. But I LOVED snorkeling. I could have stayed out all day.

We went with Barb and our new friend, Daniella. Funny story. Barb was sort of scared of getting in the water and was stalling on the ladder. So the crew squirted her with a hose to get her in. Very funny.

The company name was Four Winds and I highly recommend them. They were hysterical and had great food. The boat also had a slide into the water, which you will see that we utilized, and we also rented an underwater camera from them to take some of the lovely pictures below.

On the way back to land, we stopped by "Turtle Town" and got to see a bunch of sea turtles. The pictures kind of sucked, but it was very cool in real life.

The night we went out to dinner at Maui Brewing Company and it was delicious! I had their onion soup and we all split a pizza. YUM.

Another sunrise in Maui:

The sea wall in Maalea, the harbor town we left from:


Molokini from afar:

Molokini up close:

Nerd alert #1:

Pretty #1:


Dave & Keri #1:

Dave & Keri #2:

Pretty #2:

Creepy Eel:

Pretty #3:

Pretty #4:

Pretties #5 & #6:

The slide into the ocean:

Nerd alert #2:

Nerd alert #3:

Sparkly water:

Mother & Son:

Me & Daniella:

Barb driving:

Me & Dave #3:

Sexy model:

Captain Morgan: