Aug 30, 2010


Hallie went to school today.

Just now, actually.

I held it together, but just barely.

I wasn't even supposed to be there today. I was going to be there when she got OFF the bus, not ON it. My thinking was that she might cry or cling to me when the bus showed up. I didn't want to be responsible for starting her first day of school with tears. Know what I mean?


I got a phone call at 11:30 from Irma saying that we had forgotten to send Hallie's name tag - her apple name tag that matched all of the other Pre-K kids. Uh oh.

I made it to Irma's by...well, I'm not going to say, because I will get in big trouble for some major speeding.

But I made it. And I became Hallie's hero. We screamed and jumped up and down together. There was no way I was going to let my kiddo go to Pre-K unprepared. Not on the first day, no way.

So we waited for the bus, and I will never forget how she just hopped up the step with Mackenzie and Addison as if she had been doing it her whole life. They have been waiting for this for an entire year though, so they were ready.

I'm not.

My baby is now in school and will be for a loooong time. She looks so little. Look how freaking LITTLE she is? Good grief I'm going to cry just looking at these pictures. Pull it together!! Whew.

(see the damn nametag???)

(Good grief...Hallie looks tiny!)

You can see the nerves on her face. The frozen smile. That's my girl!
Off they go. Don't cry, don't cry, don't cry....

Wait! You forgot me!!

Not happy.

So that's it. I will be there when she gets off too. I can't get enough of that kid.

Aug 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Perkins.


We miss you.

But we definitely sang you happy birthday.

We love you.

Aug 28, 2010

Western Bound.

We've headed to Missouri for the weekend.

Land of sleeping in, coffee made when you get up and my mom.

And a kitten.

Oh didn't know? Oh yeah, we got suckered into getting a kitten. A sweet grey tabby that Hallie named Dylan.

Seriously, Dylan, you should feel special. She adores you. Hope you're having fun in Argentina. You'll have to come and meet your namesake when you get back.

Do you even read this blog?

Aug 27, 2010

Finally Friday.

What a week, what a week (a la Wicked Witch).

On my way to take Hallie to Irma's, it was as if the entire week was erased. It was a crisp 58 degrees outside, gorgeous sunshine, browning corn and Darius Rucker's new song - come back, so sad song.

That is probably not the correct name.

Anyway, it all reminded me that today was Friday, I was off to visit my mom for the weekend and my boss was out this morning. Awesome.


In other news, Hallie dominated the soccer field last night. Okay, they all sort of ran around and kicked aimlessly, but still! She cried for just a minute when the coach (okay, Ryan) said it was time to start practice. She has nerves like her mom. Nothing wrong with that.

But she bucked up, went out there and loved it. Absolutely loved it. Where are the pictures? Oh, I left my camera at work. But she looked rockin', like a little soccer star.

Aug 26, 2010


We do lots of ride-alongs with Dave for his job.

Sometimes they are long and take all day (hello, Windsor),

and sometimes they are short and just take our evening.

Last night was a short night, just up to Springfield. Hallie has become a good little companion with her wireless headphones and gum. It's fun now that we can just throw her in a vehicle and go.

We made a stop at Sports Authority in Springfield for some soccer equipment. Yep, her first practice is tonight. I have vivid memories of having to play goalie and being absolutely terrified.

I'm so glad she gets to experience the same thing.

I already warned her that I am taking lots of pictures. Oh, and if she cries then I am sitting in the car.

Aug 24, 2010

Yep, I Said It.

I am ready for fall.

I mean it too.

I do this every year. I am 100% summer girl, loving the outdoors, bring on the heat, etc. And then the temps hit over 100 in the heat index and the humidity kicks in.

And then I'm done.
 I'm over it.

Even now that the temps are in the mid-80's, it's just not good enough.

I have moved on.

Give me crisp evenings.

I want jackets, dangit.

Give me jeans to wear without sweating like a hog (did you know hogs don't sweat?).

I want fall, please. And thank you.

Aug 23, 2010

Round and Round.

I have a headache.

It started Saturday night, when I took Hallie to the Illinois State Fair to see the Round and Round girl...aka....Selena Gomez from the Disney Channel.

Not sure who that is?

It's this girl.

I did not take this picture...any pictures, actually. I just got this picture from the internet, and surprising this is exactly what she was wearing at the show.

Anyway, it was loud. Not really the music (although that was loud). It was the screaming. The 12,000 screaming pre-teens that pierced my ears and made them bleed. Oh my goodness, it was loud.

But it was really fun and Hallie had a blast. Too bad we were hanging out in the production room when she started singing the one song we knew...Round and Round.

But my headache has still not gone away. Did I mention it was really loud?

Aug 21, 2010

For Aunt Liz.

And Mom.

And Barb.

And Abbie.

And anyone else I complained to about this pillow. I finally found it, bought it and love it.

It will look much cuter once Dave makes me a headboard, and I replace the mismatched shams/pillow cases with the fresh white ones I have. Why don't I just do that already? Maybe tonight.

The rest of the room is coming along. I wanted something casual, fresh and low-key.
(still waiting for Dave to hang up that second picture above)
I repainted the ding dong table white (from mustard yellow) and spray painted my lamp yellow instead, warm sunflower or something.

I love spray paint.

Left to do:
Dave to become un-busy and make me my upholstered headboard.
Buy new night stands.
Buy lamps for night stands.
Put on my new white bedding (cover and pillow cases) (I love IKEA!)


Aug 20, 2010

Locked Out.

Hallie told me she locked me out of my linen closet.

When I went to investigate, this is what I found.

She's a silly girl. Wants to race all the time. To everything. Race you to the bathroom! Okay, let's do it again! Race you to the bedroom! Faster mom!! Like, really pick up your legs!!

Love that girl.

Aug 19, 2010

Picking Potatoes With Bob.

Rather, Bob dug potatoes, and Hallie and I picked them out of the dirt. And we shrieked with delight every time we saw one.

Very exciting around these parts!

Our harvest filled our bowl, but was certainly not as much as we thought there would be. Apparently our ground wasn't very moist or whatever.

I'm not sure that I will grow potatoes again next year. You have to deal with them during the hottest part of the year. Plus, you have to dig.

But any way, I'm already starting to plan my garden for next year. Lots more tomatoes. No potatoes and probably no carrots. More onions. We shall see on the other things.

Thanks, Bob! We love you!!!

Aug 18, 2010

Cupcakes for Zoey.

Yesterday, we made cupcakes and Hallie declared that it was Zoey's birthday.

And maybe it is?
Let me think this through.
We got Zoey (and Burt, RIP) in October (I think). They were approximately six months old.

So, nope. Not Zoey's birthday.

But we cracked, poured, mixed, poured some more and baked.

Happy Birthday, Zoey!

Sorry you can't eat cupcakes!!!

Aug 17, 2010

Chapin Big Country Days.

Our weekend just kept on going. Rain be damned, we would have fun somewhere or another.

We met up with friends at the parade to celebrate something about big country days. I'm not really sure what that's all about. But it was fun, albeit HOT...and there was candy.

The parade lasted all of 15 minutes, and was followed up with lunch, swimming and much-needed naps.

Thanks for the fruit snacks, Rolfs!

We came back that evening for supper, "I Dood It" (don't ask), and snow cones. Oh, and then Jenna almost passed out. It was quite eventful.

Doesn't Jenna look like she's happy to have  her picture taken??

Sunday was Day of Dave. And yes, it involved picking up golfballs.

Aug 16, 2010

Quarter After Rain, I Run To My Umbrella.

See how rainy it was?

But we made the best out of it.
And still managed to have a good time.
Even if we were a little wet.

Aug 14, 2010

Last Night, Not So Good.

It certainly was Friday the 13th.

I had high hopes for yesterday. Planned on buying the pillow i've been dying for for weeks, followed by a show by Lady Antebellum and a good night's sleep.

Target was out of the pillow.

Lady Antebellum got rained out.

Hallie woke up twice and then was up mega early this morning.

All that being said, it was still fun. We huddled under the tents with the sound guys and got to see Dave and Papa Mike. We got Hallie's new backpack at Target - tinkerbell, and as flashy as possible.

This morning we went to a parade with friends, followed by lunch and swimming. It was one of those perfect summer days.

And now....I need....a nap.

(pictures Monday)

Aug 13, 2010

A Visit With Lucille, Followed by Picking Up Golf Balls, Followed by a Giant Goose Egg.

Last night had the makings of a perfect summer evening. It was so hot, much too hot to mow the lawn (right Dave?), so we went to visit Grandma Lucille and return her phone. We intended on staying just a bit and ended up staying almost two hours. It was so hot and it took a lot of motivation to get out of the airconditioning and into a truck with black leather seats sitting in the sun.

See what I mean?

But eventually we made it back home and decided to do our favorite family activity - pick up golfballs! Don't be a hater, it really is fun. See, Dave (and Bob and Dad) loves to hit his golf balls across the pond to perfect his swing or whatever.

After however-much-time of doing this, we go pick them up, bring them back home and repeat. Fun, right? It's like an easter egg hunt but with golf balls. And no candy.

Hallie and I took some apples for the horses and we drove over to the other side of the pond. It was so freaking hot while we hunted for the balls, but we actually found 42! Sweet!

We drove back home and played in the water hose while Dave hit them back over the pond (see how we repeat?). It was at this point that Hallie ran towards the house, tripped over the hose and landed forehead first onto our concrete sidewalk.

My poor baby.

I think she will be fine.

Patty Duke.

Wasn't that the name of the show..."cousins....they're two of a kiiiiiiind!" And the cousins were like twins? Think back to Nick at Night.

Hang on and I will google it. Yes, I am right.

Now, these girls are not cousins, but get a load of these jammies.

Ten points if you can see Bob and Dave in the background.

(Thanks, Ab, for sending this picture. It made me smile as soon as I opened it.)

Aug 12, 2010

To Sum It Up.

Our Atlanta trip came on the heels of our no-kids-allowed trip to the Lake of the Ozarks. A big thanks to the Millers for hosting what turned out to be one of my favorite weekends so far this year.

And this picture sums it up perfectly.

Off-centered, giant smiles, etc.

Wait, here's a better one with some awesome extras in the back (no clue who they are!).
Where was Dave? Well, I believe this was his birthday night and I will just leave it at that.

Aug 11, 2010


We took a trip to Atlanta.

In the semi.

With Hallie.

In fact, Dave had job with FLW doing the national bass fishing tournament thing. The grand prize is $500,000 and at the last minute, a new sponsor "threw in" an extra $100,000. For catching fish. $600,000 to catch the fatest fish.

Anyway, we decided this would be the perfect time to take a family trip, and to also see Megan. (I love you, Megs!). We left Sunday morning and drove first to Kentucky and then the rest of the way to Georgia. At some point, we stopped at a rest area and slept overnight.

In the semi.

With Hallie.

But it was great and an experience of a lifetime. I will never forget going through Nashville at night, listening to Dave and Hallie discuss the city lights and see the airplanes landing/taking off. It was pretty special.

I didn't take many pictures. Hallie actually took more than I did. Can you tell which ones?