Aug 14, 2010

Last Night, Not So Good.

It certainly was Friday the 13th.

I had high hopes for yesterday. Planned on buying the pillow i've been dying for for weeks, followed by a show by Lady Antebellum and a good night's sleep.

Target was out of the pillow.

Lady Antebellum got rained out.

Hallie woke up twice and then was up mega early this morning.

All that being said, it was still fun. We huddled under the tents with the sound guys and got to see Dave and Papa Mike. We got Hallie's new backpack at Target - tinkerbell, and as flashy as possible.

This morning we went to a parade with friends, followed by lunch and swimming. It was one of those perfect summer days.

And now....I need....a nap.

(pictures Monday)

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