Nov 30, 2012


so, we're thinking of pulling the plug on horseback riding.
at least, until she's a little older. she does great, she has talent, but she can hardly pay attention and tends to do her own thing.
she has the attention span of a gnat right now and...yeah. we're not sure she's mature enough at this point. and it's not like this is a cheap activity.
i don't know.
she loves it. and she is good at it, but i don't think she is mature enough to listen or learn anymore at this pont.
i don't know.
dad, are you devastated?
(this piture is OLD, but so funny. and this will be her when we tell her...if we go that route)


you are!
and also...this was a christmas card outtake last year.
good times.
thinking about not doing christmas cards this year...hmmm.


i tried to write a blog post this morning. it was just going to be pictures.
sadly enough, i got a message from blogger that i was out of memory for my photos.
so i can either pay to upgrade the storage space, no thank you, or i can move providers, sure, okay.

Nov 15, 2012


henry in overalls.
you're welcome.
also, dave dressed him this morning, which adds to the cuteness.

Nov 12, 2012


hallie had her very first tumbling meet this weekend.
i have never been so proud of my girl. i mean, it wasn't pretty. it was...humbling, for me at least.
as a parent, you know, you want your kid to be the NUMBER ONE MOST AWESOMELY TALENTED AND SMARTEST KID IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!
but kids are who they are.
hallie is so talented at so many things. so many. tumbling at this point...not as much.
and i'm so okay with that.
my fear was that she would be devastated when she didn't get first place. or second, or third.
she got 8th...out of eight. but by golly and PRAISE THE LORD they all get trophies. because i could just CRY thinking of how happy she was with trophey.
she was so confident. she wasn't nervous, shoot, she just got up there, did her thing and pranced off.
she smiled and had fun.
and that is what it's all about.
have you ever seen a cuter gymnast?
and in other news, henry woke up with justin beiber hair.
this kid.

Nov 9, 2012


i'm so late on this - really, really late on this.
work is so busy. evenings are so busy. when the kids are in bed that is my time to have peace and quiet.
*side note: i asked my grandma chronister one year what she wanted for christmas. she said, "peace and quiet." so i made her a bunch of coupons that said "peace and quiet." i'm pretty sure she was never able to actually cash any of them in. i was a very talkative child. with a shrill voice. much like another little blonde-haired girl i know...hmm...
where was i? late, busy, grandma...oh yes, halloween.
henry was a lumberjack. but he really just looked like a dirty construction man. the goal was to draw a cute little beard on his face, but holy moly have you ever tried to draw  on a 16 month old's face? i don't recommend it. i managed a sort-of mustach that really just looked like poor whiskers. #fail
so he looked like this:
hallie was, of course, a cowgirl. she wanted freckles, which was adorable. she just really looked like she looks every day with the addition of some spots. love that girl.
and some from trick or treating:

Nov 7, 2012


i am staying away from facebook today. i jumped on this morning and immediately shut it down. because as soon as i saw status updates saying "god help us all," i'm out.
seriously people.
we are a democracy. which means we have the right to choose our president.
the majority chose barack obmama (myself included), so he will be our president for the next four years. and there it is.
i hope that we can see past our differences, because our nation is pretty screwed up.
but it's been screwed up. this is not a recent thing. so can we please work together to get it sorted out? because the divide is killing us. it's scary and it's sad.
i am a democrat because i that's what i believe.
i am not down on republicans because that is what they believe. how can i be down on someone for their beliefs? that's not cool.
that's like saying i don't like someone because they don't like dogs. (but who doesn't like dogs??)
i vote based on issues that are most important to me, so please don't tell me that i'm wrong.
because that is lame.
hallie said she was voting for mitt romney. good for her! you go girl.
IT'S HER CHOICE. IT'S HER RIGHT (or will be, in 12 years). if he is the president that is passionate about the same issues that she is...great. i'm all for it.
a scattered post, i know. but i'm so disturbed by what i am seeing on social media. i read a tweet last night from someone that i really respect that basically said that my vote was ruining our nation.
i don't know.
i like a facebook thing that i saw that said, "it doesn't matter who is elected, jesus is king"
true story.