Nov 7, 2012


i am staying away from facebook today. i jumped on this morning and immediately shut it down. because as soon as i saw status updates saying "god help us all," i'm out.
seriously people.
we are a democracy. which means we have the right to choose our president.
the majority chose barack obmama (myself included), so he will be our president for the next four years. and there it is.
i hope that we can see past our differences, because our nation is pretty screwed up.
but it's been screwed up. this is not a recent thing. so can we please work together to get it sorted out? because the divide is killing us. it's scary and it's sad.
i am a democrat because i that's what i believe.
i am not down on republicans because that is what they believe. how can i be down on someone for their beliefs? that's not cool.
that's like saying i don't like someone because they don't like dogs. (but who doesn't like dogs??)
i vote based on issues that are most important to me, so please don't tell me that i'm wrong.
because that is lame.
hallie said she was voting for mitt romney. good for her! you go girl.
IT'S HER CHOICE. IT'S HER RIGHT (or will be, in 12 years). if he is the president that is passionate about the same issues that she is...great. i'm all for it.
a scattered post, i know. but i'm so disturbed by what i am seeing on social media. i read a tweet last night from someone that i really respect that basically said that my vote was ruining our nation.
i don't know.
i like a facebook thing that i saw that said, "it doesn't matter who is elected, jesus is king"
true story.