Nov 9, 2012


i'm so late on this - really, really late on this.
work is so busy. evenings are so busy. when the kids are in bed that is my time to have peace and quiet.
*side note: i asked my grandma chronister one year what she wanted for christmas. she said, "peace and quiet." so i made her a bunch of coupons that said "peace and quiet." i'm pretty sure she was never able to actually cash any of them in. i was a very talkative child. with a shrill voice. much like another little blonde-haired girl i know...hmm...
where was i? late, busy, grandma...oh yes, halloween.
henry was a lumberjack. but he really just looked like a dirty construction man. the goal was to draw a cute little beard on his face, but holy moly have you ever tried to draw  on a 16 month old's face? i don't recommend it. i managed a sort-of mustach that really just looked like poor whiskers. #fail
so he looked like this:
hallie was, of course, a cowgirl. she wanted freckles, which was adorable. she just really looked like she looks every day with the addition of some spots. love that girl.
and some from trick or treating:

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