Nov 12, 2012


hallie had her very first tumbling meet this weekend.
i have never been so proud of my girl. i mean, it wasn't pretty. it was...humbling, for me at least.
as a parent, you know, you want your kid to be the NUMBER ONE MOST AWESOMELY TALENTED AND SMARTEST KID IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!!!!
but kids are who they are.
hallie is so talented at so many things. so many. tumbling at this point...not as much.
and i'm so okay with that.
my fear was that she would be devastated when she didn't get first place. or second, or third.
she got 8th...out of eight. but by golly and PRAISE THE LORD they all get trophies. because i could just CRY thinking of how happy she was with trophey.
she was so confident. she wasn't nervous, shoot, she just got up there, did her thing and pranced off.
she smiled and had fun.
and that is what it's all about.
have you ever seen a cuter gymnast?
and in other news, henry woke up with justin beiber hair.
this kid.

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Betsy said...

Those pictures of Henry just KILL me!! He is such a cutie!