Aug 24, 2010

Yep, I Said It.

I am ready for fall.

I mean it too.

I do this every year. I am 100% summer girl, loving the outdoors, bring on the heat, etc. And then the temps hit over 100 in the heat index and the humidity kicks in.

And then I'm done.
 I'm over it.

Even now that the temps are in the mid-80's, it's just not good enough.

I have moved on.

Give me crisp evenings.

I want jackets, dangit.

Give me jeans to wear without sweating like a hog (did you know hogs don't sweat?).

I want fall, please. And thank you.

1 comment:

SaraD said...

Me too! I just wish Fall didn't mean winter is coming too! I love fall but HATE winter!