Aug 23, 2010

Round and Round.

I have a headache.

It started Saturday night, when I took Hallie to the Illinois State Fair to see the Round and Round girl...aka....Selena Gomez from the Disney Channel.

Not sure who that is?

It's this girl.

I did not take this picture...any pictures, actually. I just got this picture from the internet, and surprising this is exactly what she was wearing at the show.

Anyway, it was loud. Not really the music (although that was loud). It was the screaming. The 12,000 screaming pre-teens that pierced my ears and made them bleed. Oh my goodness, it was loud.

But it was really fun and Hallie had a blast. Too bad we were hanging out in the production room when she started singing the one song we knew...Round and Round.

But my headache has still not gone away. Did I mention it was really loud?

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