Aug 21, 2010

For Aunt Liz.

And Mom.

And Barb.

And Abbie.

And anyone else I complained to about this pillow. I finally found it, bought it and love it.

It will look much cuter once Dave makes me a headboard, and I replace the mismatched shams/pillow cases with the fresh white ones I have. Why don't I just do that already? Maybe tonight.

The rest of the room is coming along. I wanted something casual, fresh and low-key.
(still waiting for Dave to hang up that second picture above)
I repainted the ding dong table white (from mustard yellow) and spray painted my lamp yellow instead, warm sunflower or something.

I love spray paint.

Left to do:
Dave to become un-busy and make me my upholstered headboard.
Buy new night stands.
Buy lamps for night stands.
Put on my new white bedding (cover and pillow cases) (I love IKEA!)



Betsy said...

Very cute! I love ikea, too, but rarely get to shop there since Michael does not love it. Boys. What do they know? :P

alis-on said...

Love the pillow, your new yellow lamp, etc. Can't wait to see how the headboard turns out. I wanted to try to make one but took the lazy way out...hope ya'll had a great weekend!