Aug 18, 2010

Cupcakes for Zoey.

Yesterday, we made cupcakes and Hallie declared that it was Zoey's birthday.

And maybe it is?
Let me think this through.
We got Zoey (and Burt, RIP) in October (I think). They were approximately six months old.

So, nope. Not Zoey's birthday.

But we cracked, poured, mixed, poured some more and baked.

Happy Birthday, Zoey!

Sorry you can't eat cupcakes!!!


Betsy said...

It's a good thing my oven doesn't work because now I want cupcakes. Seriously. Those look yummy.

Keri Beth Mason said...

They certainly were delicious. You can beat gobs of white icing and sprinkles!

Miss you!!

Betsy said...

You are correct about that... gobs of white icing alone is hard to beat much less with rainbow sprinkles!

Miss you, too!