Aug 17, 2010

Chapin Big Country Days.

Our weekend just kept on going. Rain be damned, we would have fun somewhere or another.

We met up with friends at the parade to celebrate something about big country days. I'm not really sure what that's all about. But it was fun, albeit HOT...and there was candy.

The parade lasted all of 15 minutes, and was followed up with lunch, swimming and much-needed naps.

Thanks for the fruit snacks, Rolfs!

We came back that evening for supper, "I Dood It" (don't ask), and snow cones. Oh, and then Jenna almost passed out. It was quite eventful.

Doesn't Jenna look like she's happy to have  her picture taken??

Sunday was Day of Dave. And yes, it involved picking up golfballs.

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