May 16, 2011

Feeling Good. Feeling Ready. But Not Too Ready.

My garden is planted and growing and the nursery is 95% complete.

I'd say that's good enough.

After a weird week last week, what with the baby moving transverse and all, we are back to good this week. I think the baby did it on purpose. It gave us an excuse for a late ultrasound, which was 3D and pretty creepy awesome. It looks like we have another Dave look-a-like up in this uterus.

Regardless, the baby is back to head down, but still floating up high and non-engaged. And that's fine too. I'm pretty content at the moment. I'm not uncomfortable (except after Los Rancheros like last night - yikes), so even though I look like I could pop at any moment, please rest assured that I'm not.

I'm good for now. We'll see how I feel later on this week, or even today. I always feel heavier as the day goes on.

Pictures tomorrow - garden, Hallie in cowgirl boots, my new fruit trees, etc.

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