May 2, 2011

Nursery List - Take 2 - I Love Morgan

I'm making progress:
For the Nursery:
  • Buy fresh, white onsies
  • Wash existing onsies and other gender neutral gowns/clothes
  • Wash receiving blankets, crib sheets and boppy cover
  • Prep and wash cloth diapers
  • Wash basinett bedding - get basinett from Barb's house (Barb - REMIND ME!)
  • Sort through overwhelming giant box of toys to sort out baby toys
  • Hang artwork on walls
  • Make and hang mobile
  • Bring monitors upstairs
  • Purchase sound machine
  • Purchase wipes
  • Purchase batteries for the swing
  • Purchase California Baby diaper cream - got some CJs BUTTer from Morgan! (see below)
  • Purchase Vaseline (anticipating a circumcision!)
  • Find 2nd base for the carseat - get other carseat stuff ready
  • Dave to build shelves
  • Bring in DiaperChamp
  • Newborn diapers from Morgan
Dear Morgan,

I love you so much. Thank you for the HUGE box of newborn diapers - there are a million in there! I couldn't believe it when I opened that box up. I forgot how tiny those diapers are, which means there were freaking TONS in there. Seriously, thank you so much.

Also, to anyone buying diaper cream...get some of this CJs BUTTer. I might be obsessed now. Morgan sells it in her online all-natural baby store:

This stuff is amazing for eczema, diaper rash, etc. And it is cloth diaper safe. I got the Monkey Farts, Love Spell and a sample of My Pixie Pie. Monkey Farts is our favorite.

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The 3 Sees said...

Awww, thanks for the plug!
Don't they all smell AMAZING!?
PS-if you have a boy, they'll give you vaseline in the hospital.