May 3, 2011

This a.m., my daughter and my pimple. What a title.

My favorite little girl with bedhead and very stinky morning breath.

Also this morning, I have a huge, giant, enormous, red, inflammed pimple.

As a rule, I never pop my pimples. It makes them worse, I say. Just let them deflate and de-red on their own, but do not pop them. My husband is the opposite. Pop the darn things before they get bad.

Well, yesterday I had a pimple that looked like it was getting bigger. And we have Witte's wedding this weekend. So I thought...let's get it over with now. Better to have it red and yucky now than at the wedding.

So I popped.

I made it mad. Really mad.

And now it is like purple red it is so mad.

And it is HUGE.

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