May 24, 2011

Ah, Geez. More To-Do.


  • install the freaking car seat.
  • buy a changing pad
  • empty the overflowing laundry basket full of random crap I found in the baby's closet.
  • move the swing to the living room (but really, now? says Dave)
  • move the baby papasan chair down to basement
  • hang up the freaking artwork
  • buy food for our empty pantry and refrigerator
  • clean the house for the race-party this weekend
My problem: I am super gung ho to do these things....while I'm at work. And then I get home and i'm all sorts of pooped out. Or, we have a zillion things to do in the evening (it seems) and then I poop out.

I'm pooped. Out.

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