Jan 29, 2010


Okay, this is not my backsplash, but I forgot the camera again. Same idea, white subway tile backsplash with white grout.

It looks fabulous. Finished, clean, dare I say....perfect? It suits my kitchen and my style.  I absolutely love it, so come over and see it sometime!

In other news, I thinking about doing this in my dining room. I've been collecting fun and different plates from the thift store for a while.

I love this look.

I was originally thinking above the bed, but ouch! What if one of those things fell off the wall?


Kelly said...

Love the tiles AND the plates. Please do the plate thing. And post a picture. : )

Keri Beth Mason said...

Hi Kelly!

I am definitely going to do it. I think in the dining room between the windows.

I just am afraid dave's going to freak out a bit...he doesn't like holes in the wall.

Kelly said...

Tell him you glued them on...maybe he won't notice.
just kidding : )