Feb 25, 2010

Absence and Randomness.

I'm sorry for the lack of posts and pictures. I feel like things have been busy, but I look back and wonder what the heck we've been doing. What a great feeling - hardy har har.

I'm tired of the cold. But then I'm tired of the mud too. So either's either cold or muddy and i'm not sure at this point which is better. I got my car washed/iced last night, so I'm going with cold right now. Keep it cold. Keep my car clean.

I've been working late lately. One of my favorite co-workers (for reals) is taking off a few weeks to go on a cruise. I am insanely jealous, but she deserves the time off. I, however, and filling in for several of the days she is gone....which  means I get to work until 6pm a few nights and this Saturday. Sucks.

Hallie has been fantastic lately. She's been whining and throwing tantrums less and just overall cracking us up. She wears leotards (leDohtards) and tights every, single day. Tuesday she had an accident because she couldn't pull it down fast enough. I hate to break her spirit, but we're going to try to start phasing leodohtards out of the rotation. I'm really sad for this childish delight to end. We try to encourage silliness in our house. Unless it involves teethbrushing - and then we don't mess around.

Max is dying and I am really, really sad about this. Max is my dad's dog and was my dog (and sarahs!). He really deserves a post of his own because he is a very unique (grumpy) and awesome (fat) dog. I love him. He is undergoing some major procedures to save his life and if you think about it...can you please say a prayer? The passing of this little pooch would be quite devastating to quite a few.

That's it for the day. At least you got something! And the truth is...I lost the damn camera cord again. So that's really why there have been zero posts. Whoopsie :)

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