Feb 4, 2010

Dear Dave,

We already miss you.

Stupid Jasper, Texas. What do they need you for anyway? We need you at home.

I'm sorry I was grouchy with you yesterday morning. You see, the time between 6:00 and 6:37a.m. is my snooze time. Your arm, which is quite heavy, is not always welcome to be draped over me during my snooze time.

I'm sorry about that.

I shouldn't have flung it off of me repeatedly, but thank you for continuing to put it back over me. I'm not always rational in the morning (as you well know), so I'm also sorry that I wigged out a bit when you also tried to clamp me between your legs. What girl in her right mind wouldn't love that?

Hallie says hello. Sort of. It was more of a "Hello poopy far-far Daddy...giggle, giggle." I just love her sense of humor. It reminds me of someone....

Anyway, hurry home so that you can leave again just as quickly. Whoops! There's me feeling sorry for myself again! As someone we know quite well loves to remind me, "we are just so lucky you have a job." I love it when she tells me that.

Anyway, darling, have a wonderful trip. Be careful and watch out for deer.

Your Wife.

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