Feb 2, 2010

Downstairs Bathroom.

(above: not my bathroom)
I ordered this shower curtain for our downstairs bathroom. I just love it.

This time around, I know exactly how I want to decorate.

Too bad we have no drywall up and are nowhere near starting this project.

But hey, I'll be ready, right? And this way I can spread the expense out so it's not all at once.

And this is the sink I want. It's ridiculously expensive and probably won't happen, but I love the shelf on the bottom where I could put guest towels, toilet paper, etc.

I also already have this print for over the toilet. It's pink, but I thought it was a fun variation from the ever-popular Keep Calm and Carry On.

I'm still thinking about the wall color, but I do love light, light blue, so I'm sure that's what it will be. Or maybe just a cottage white.

The mirror will something simple and probably from Target. I really like the one we have in our half bathroom upstairs, so I might try to find something similar. Or a plain white medicine cabinet for storage could work.

The floor will be tile, and I do love a nice penny tile.

Or, hexagon.

We already have a toilet ready (thanks Dad and Bev!), so as soon as we sheetrock (the entire basement), hang a ceiling (for the entire basement), prime, paint, tile the floor, and install the sink and toilet (shower is already in.), we are good to go!

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