Jun 3, 2010


Remember my food goals? Here's an update.

1. Try to cut out McDonalds and other fast foods. Fail.

2. Clean out pantry and toss (or donate - who wants them??) the stuff that is full of the nasties. Fail.

3. Cook from scratch as much as possible, using as many fresh ingredients as possible. Success.

4. Fresh fruits, veggies and home-made treats for snacks. Fail/Success.

I suck.

The whole "clean out the pantry" thing just didn't happen. I weighed my priorities. Do I want to be in the kitchen making all homemade treats during my time-off from work? Nope. It's a lovely idea, but it really eats into my family time.

I still cook supper from scratch, and I love doing that. I love nice, family meals. And we are big fans of fruits and veggies around here already. So Hal will chow on some watermelon, but then might also have some Cheez-Its or Pringles too. And I'm cool with that.

You dig?

1 comment:

The Barnes Family said...

Yes, I dig. Especially the Pringles. Chips in a can. Mmm.