Jul 15, 2010

Gonna Party Right Down to the Wiiiiiire!

At the bonfire Morgan County Fair!

Jacksonville surely knows how to put on a great county fair. And Craig Morgan puts on a great show - thanks to the fabulous sound equipment from Mason Sound - oh yeah, baby.

And that means Dave was in town for the whole weekend, just a few miles away! We were able to meet him on Saturday and ride some rides - okay, Dave and Hallie did most of the riding. The spinning ones make me puke anymore. They had a blast on the Tilt-O-Whirl, Scrambler and something else that spun.

I rode the dragon rollercoaster twice with the blonde and Grandma Bev braved the airplanes. It was a blast.

After a refreshingly airconditioned-meal at Pizza Hut, we dropped off The Grandma and headed to the concert that night.

Hallie was the belle of the ball and made friends with the crew. She even scored a guitar pick. I think I have a budding groupie on my hands. At one point during the show, he brought two tramps women up on stage and sang to them. Hallie wanted to go up there so badly, so Dave said she could when she was five.

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