Nov 2, 2010

The Obligatory Halloween Post.

I'm back.

Feeling more motivated. Work is crazy, but at least the days go by fast. Dave was home for his 36-hour break and is now back on the road. Two more weeks and he will be home for awhile.

We are ready, but I'm not sure he's ready for the craziness that has become our lives.

Hallie was a ballerina for Halloween. This was the original plan. She changed her mind 87 billion times, and I didn't care at all. As long as we had the costume components already at our house, go for it. She made a darn cute ballerina though.



alis-on said...

Thanks you for posting the obligatory halloween post. Hallie is a beautiful ballerina! Love the picture of Hallie and your dad. Hope all is well, take care, big hug, Al

SaraD said...

Awe! She does look cute! I hope the next two weeks go quick for you!