Nov 29, 2010

Well, This Feels Different.

Welcome, 13 weeks!

Yesterday I felt like doing something! Dave dragged the tree from the basement and while he and his "helper" put it together, I cleaned. Yes, I cleaned!

It felt so good! I vacuumed, steam mopped and straightened things up. I love clean floors and mine haven't been clean for a looooong time. 
 And then I got hungry! For lasagna! So I cooked!!
I was a fool and decided to make my own sauce, so things took longer than expected, but by golly it was good!
And then I wanted cookies! So I made cookies! I mean, do you see how much better I feel? My energy is (somewhat) back and I don't feel sick. It's a Christmas miracle.

Yes, I went to bed at 8:30, but what do you expect??

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