Jan 31, 2011

Minus One.

I have this group of girls.

From college.

They are so special to me, I can't even describe. I have realized just how much I appreciate their friendship over the last year or so.

They have seen me at my worst and my best.

They stuck by me in some seriously ugly stages of my life - and they still love me.

They know how I get....and they still love me. That is some serious love. Because we all know how I can get. For reals.

Erin, Kendra, Kate, Alison, Patty and Sarah. My girls. I wish I had current pictures (send me some, will ya??), but I do have some goodies from the past.

About a month ago, we all got together (minus Sarah and Kendra) when patty came in from VA. And this past weekend we all got together (minus Sarah and Patty) to celebrate Erin's birthday (30!!) and Alison's new baby, Claire. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to hang out with these girls twice in one month! It was awesome.

Except, we are always minus a VERY important one.

This one.

(yowzers, scary picture!!)

This is MY Sarah. I can say that, because we roomed together for most of college. And she has truly seen me AT MY WORST. And still loved me for it (eventually). There are no words to describe our relationship - so I won't try. That makes us sound like lesbians. We're not.

Anyway, I miss this girl like crazy. She lives in Massachusets, but jet-sets all over the ding dong place. Jet set to Jacksonville, please!!!

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