Feb 9, 2011

Disney - Day #1 - Maybe

This is subject to change, of course.

March 7th - leave in the afternoon/evening. It's a 17 hour drive. Never before have we attempted to drive 17 hours with Hallie. We have been on a trip in the semi to Georgia, so add another 5+ hours, and no sweat. Right?!

Anyway, so we will drive overnight and arrive at Disney sometime in the morning or mid-morning. We will let Dave sleep, while we hit the pool and playground at the resort (Disney's All-Star Movie Resort), IF we are able to check in at that time.

After Dave is somewhat rested, we will hit Hollywood Studios. I figure this isn't the most kid-friendly park, so we might as well check it out since the other full days will be at the Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, etc.

We will check out Toy Story Mania:

The Voyage of the Little Mermaid:
And then eat supper at this place (reservations already made):
50's Prime Time Cafe. Makes me think of the 63 Diner in Columbia, a place that I LOVE. And it looks super family friendly and a good first-day, non-character dining experience :)

We did purchase a full meal plan, so it's fun to plan our table service meals for each day.

After this day we will all crash back at the resort, have a fabulous night's rest and wake up ready to rock at the Magic Kingdom.


Betsy said...

That's one of my favorite places to eat at Disney!! You'll LOVE it!!

Sarah said...

So remember when Mama Strull took her adult age family to Disney World in the early 2000s and we were the oldest collective family ever to do Disney?

Well, David and I definitely picked the Toy Story ride as our favorite. In fact, I think we may have narrowly avoided wetting our pants with laughter on said ride and I'm so excited that its on your list.

Shoot some aliens (a la Buzz Lightyear) for David and me!