Apr 15, 2011

God Bless Friday.

Oh Friday how I love thee. This has been a trying week, but it's Friiiiday and things are really looking up!

1. Fabulous news from fabulous friends. God is so good!

2. Patty might come visit!*

3. Sarah might come visit!*

4. Erin might come visit!*

5. Alison might come visit!*

6. Kate??? If 2-5 come, will you come too? Please?*

7. My poison ivy is getting better. I didn't scratch myself to death when the hot water hit my hands this morning.

8. I got my new FLIP camcorder in the mail yesterday (thank you, mom!!!!!). I love it already as it sits charging in the USB port of my computer. Handy!

9. I get to sleep in a smidge tomorrow!

10. Dave will be home in a mere three days!

*Writing out that people will visit means they will, right?

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