Apr 12, 2011

Just Another Monday Evening.

Dave is home for two days (yippee!), so we crammed in as much as we could. You know...to enjoy family time or whatnot.

1.  We picked up golfballs. Our favorite activity!

2. Hallie played with our "neighbor" aka the person who lives closest to us.

3. Dave worked on his "Honey Do" list.

4. We got the bones of the nursery done - hooray!

In other news, I have poison ivy on my hands and face. And I think now in my ear. It's really awesome.


alis-on said...

Why do you have so many golf balls in your yard? Do you live close to a golf course or driving range? Clearly I need to come visit so I would know the answer to that question...the nursery looks perfect! Sorry to hear about the poison ivy.

Keri Beth Mason said...

Hey Al!
Dave hits golfballs across our pond for practice. It's his obsession. So then we all take a family trip on the four-wheeler over to pick them all up.

it's actually fun. Although a snake was hanging out on one yesterday - GROSS.

Keri Beth Mason said...

and YES! Please come visit - seriously!!! Bring Claire and get here soon!! I could use your advice for the nursery and such!