Apr 4, 2011

Prenatal Progress.

I took pictures. But left my camera at home. I promise to make this blog more interesting this week - I promise! I just haven't taken many pictures lately and it just seems like we are always busy doing something - work or home, just busy!

This weekend was a good one. Thanks to the help of Bob-o, Dave got the blue room cleared out, crib set up and the dresser brought up from downstairs. I feel much better now. I didn't like looking at his schedule and seeing that he basically has one free weekend in April and May left before the baby is born.

Plus, now I can start decorating - yippee!

Dave also got my garden tilled up. We are awaiting some compost from my dad and then we will re-till it just one more time. Then it's time to plant! I can't wait.

The baby is growing daily, at least that's what people are telling me. I feel like a giant.

Melissa took this picture yesterday.

Yes, that is an outie. My bellybutton is officially in the out position, permanently. Or, at least until he/she comes out! Please also notice the chocolate stain on the bottom left corner of my shirt.


But I love it.

PS - Happy birthday to ELI!!!!!

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