Jun 3, 2011

40 Weeks = Fully Gestated. Supposedly.

Today is June 3rd, which means today is my Due Date. Or, Duty Date, as Hallie called it for awhile. Cute.

There is nothing to report - no progress reports to offer - so don't bother asking.

Today will be a regular Friday.

Except it's going to be a Super Awesome Friday.

On the agenda for today:

  • Popsicles for breakfast
  • Haircut for Hallie - she wants it short!
  • Boatride with cousins
It's going to be super fun.

We have a few productive things to do today to:
  • Laundry - clothes on the line! Love!
  • Clean Hallie's room
  • Post office
  • Groceries

Last night we had another fun and distracting night as we wait for this baby to arrive. We call it,

Golf With Bob.

This means they all come and pick me up from work and we head to Nichol's Park for some golf. They drive the golf cart while I do a brisk walk behind and do squats on the green. It's very fun.

Golf was followed by dinner at the Brickhouse and some hanging out on the front porch after...it was a great night.

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