Jun 19, 2011

Houston, We Have a Puker.

Don't let this face fool you.

I have gotten puked on the past few days. Actually, not today (yay!). It turns out Henry's excitement of breastfeeding has lead to an oversupply of breastmilk.

Poor guy gulps down milk and then barfs it up later. Like a ticking bomb, sort of.

I've done my research and figured out a few things to get us through this rough time. Because it seriously sucks, for real. Getting puked on is no joke. And this isn't spitup, it's the entire contents of King Henry's stomach. I hate it for him.

The best ting so far has been keeping him on just one breast. I was switching after he was done nursing on the one side, but it's just giving him too much milk on top of the milk he had already gotten (did that sentence make sense?). By keeping him on the one side, it keeps the flow slower, but he is still getting milk.


I'm also keeping him more "uphill" when I nurse so that gravity works in our favor.

And then I burp the crap out of him.

Today was the first day I haven't been barfed on, THANK GOODNESS.

Hopefully we are figuring things out!

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Kelly said...

I have the same problem :( I had it with Lincoln, too, but never figured out that was what was causing him to puke so much. This time I went to a lactation consultant around 2 weeks. I do block feeding, which has helped a LOT. I tried a 2 hour block, but had to move it to 3 hours for it to be effective for me. It helps that Bennett won't comfort nurse--he will ONLY nurse when he is hungry. If I offer any other time, he screams. I also have over active letdown, so i have had to work around that too. Email me if you want any more details on what worked for us :)