Jun 14, 2011

Sleep Log: Week #1


Sleeping in the hospital sucks, period. Between feedings and having your vitals checked you just don't get much of it.

Our first night at home wasn't too bad. I expected worse, honestly. He was up every 2-3 hours to eat.

But he didn't fuss.

And he went right back to sleep. Hmm, interesting. I don't remember it being like that with Hallie.

The next day mister Henry slept all the live long day. Slept and slept and slept. And slept. And I got more and nervous. With good reason.

He was up a ton that night. He wanted to eat the whole night.

But again, he didn't fuss. He didn't cry. He slept a bit between feedings, but just wanted to eat. A lot. Like, a lot.
I hope I'm getting this through that he wanted to eat a lot.

The next day he wanted to sleep again. Great. I charged Aunt Melissa with keeping him awake - mission failed. I tried keeping him awake - nope. He was just too sleepy from a night of milking me dry.

But then as the day progressed he stayed awake more and things were looking up.

And sure enough - last night he was king of sleep. He woke up twice to nurse vigorously, get his diaper changed (poop explosion!) and go immediately back to sleep.

No fussing, no crying.

We will see how things continue to go. But so far....lookin' good, kid, lookin' good.


alis-on said...

Good work, Henry! He looks so precious. I love his little hands by his face.

Kelly said...

yay, henry! so glad that even though he is awake, he isn't fussy.

Anonymous said...

these cute pictures melt my heart!

Keri Beth Mason said...

Thanks, girls! We'll see how things keep going. I can't remember when they start getting fussy..two weeks? three?

The 3 Sees said...

Those pictures are ADORABLE!!! I can't wait to see him!

Kelly said...

Bennett still isn't fussy when he wakes at night. He'll have some nights where he is awake 2-3 hours straight, but he is happy and smiling instead of crying (like lincoln would). he does tend to have a fussy time around dinner time, but it only lasts maybe an hour. i think that started around 4 weeks?