Jun 4, 2011

Still Here - 40 Weeks, 1 Day.

I have about 18 million pictures from a very fun day yesterday. But I think I left my camera cord at the hair place :( I've already called and left a message, but I'm screwed otherwise.

Yesterday was another day of keeping me distracted. And it worked. We took Hallie to get her hair bobbed off (with bangs!) and then headed out for an afternoon of boating with the Gerards. It was


I could have stayed out there all night long, except I got hungry for some frozen pizza. Delish!

Anyway, lots of pictures to come as soon as my camera cord is located. But the kids were amazing - minimal fussing and lots of jumping and swimming. It was seriously a fantastic afternoon. Very distracting.

Today, breakfast with Jenna and Brandon, play-time with Abbie, Anna and Sam and then the Virginia BBQ.

You might say I am living it up these last few days.

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