Jul 1, 2011

Quick, Before Henry Wakes Up.

Yesterday was a pretty great day. We had his newborn pictures taken - and I think we got some good ones! He's already over three-weeks-old, so he's not as "pose-able" as he would have been had I gotten my act together and done them earlier. But we definitely got some good shots before he woke up and declared NO MORE.

We also ventured out to friends' house for supper and had a blast. The kiddos always play so well together and so do the mommies and daddies :) Henry was really great the entire time and despite some charbroiled burgers, the night was a success (kidding, Jess). We are very grateful to have such good friends.

We hosted a starving musician at our house late that night too. Sara Swenson (saraswenson.com) played a show in Springfield and crashed at our pad. We had a lovely visit this morning and she hooked us up with two CDs! We already listened to one and we are in love with her voice! Check her out for sure. Love that girl.

Whew - I feel like I'm typing as fast as I can go to try to get some words down and not just pictures!

Henry went down after we got home last night - about 9:30. And slept until I WOKE HIM UP at 3:30am. I wouldn't have done that but there was a chance my boobs were going to explode. Oh I am not kidding. Ouch. And then he slept in until 7:30! So Mama got some good sleep!

Go Mama Go.

Now, pictures:

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