Aug 18, 2011

first day of kindergarten. sob.

just kidding. i did pretty well. i got a little choked up as i walked out of the gym and could see that she was pretty scared. that was hard. but she sucked it up pretty well and didn't shed a single tear. and neither did i.

we dropped her off in the gym to be lined up with her other teeny tiny classmates. precious. that is what they all looked like, dwarfed by their backpacks. (hallie's is rapunzel...of course).

her teacher is a total hottie, by the way. young and pretty and bubbly. exactly what a kindergarten teacher should be. mrs. brown. i'm glad we are in her class.

dave and i jetted off to do some important business - made a will, finally!! and then i picked her up at 11:15 in a long row of other parents doing the same. she was so happy when she saw me. such a sweetie. she gave me a few details of the day - fell asleep at rest time, colored a raccoon picture, etc. and then that was it.

she was tired and grouchy for a while when we got home. and then she got HYPER.

thank goodness for a 7:30pm bedtime. both the kiddos were asleep by 7:40pm. excellent.

and here's a super cute picture of henry and maggie.
little darlings.

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alis-on said...

Glad the first day went so well! Love the backpack and the outfit! Go Hallie! Hope she LOVES kindergarten.