Aug 15, 2011

illinois state fair, jason aldean and a very tired little girl.

sunday night i took hallie to springfield to see the jason aldean concert. she is a big fan. she knows more of his songs than i do and probably dave too. i knew she would love the show, but i didn't realize it wasn't going to start until 9:45 that night. yikes.

it worked out. we did a meet and greet with jason (we are best friends now, you know) and then decided to ride some rides.

ps - it is a rip off. period. stupid amounts of money to ride just a few tickets. so dumb.

and then we rode the scrambler - twice. she wanted to go for a third but i told her i was afraid i was going to throw up. i was really, really close to throwing up. so we went on a wimpy rollercoaster. she wasn't thrilled.

the concert was great. very, very loud. very loud. luckily, we had ear plugs for hallie. but for awhile after the show she kept telling me i was talking too loud. we got to sit by the monitor guy, so we were soooo close the action. great place to sit.

he played most of hallie's favorite songs and then blondie decided she was ready to go. and so was i. we left about halfway through the set, but we missed all of the traffic and got home before midnight. we were pooped. big time.

pps - if you're wondering where henry was, well, grandma barb watched him. he was an angel (naturally), but wouldn't take a bottle. great, huh? not.

now, pictures.

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