Aug 24, 2011

transitions are hard.

i am having a very, very, very, very hard time leaving henry to go back to work. he is not making it any easier by refusing to take a bottle.

yesterday, i dropped him off at the sitters with two bottles, diapers and a change of clothes. tough love, you know.

it was a really, really, really long day. really long. i know he needs to take a bottle. i know it. i just hate that i have to leave him somewhere and know that he is hungry and wanting me.

so today we are leaving him again. but this time we are heading to st. louis to watch a ballgame with some friends. i'm a wreck.

a wreck.

what if he doesn't eat at all? what if something happens and i'm two hours away? what kind of a mom am i???

the original plan was to bring him with us. no problem-o. but now there is a heat advisory with a heat index of 105. not good for my angel.

he will be fine at irma's. fine. he will eat eventually. he has to.

oh geez.





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