Sep 19, 2011

Dear Dave: this is what we did yesterday.

wake up - oh too early. hallie is still (blessedly) sleeping, so we hang out with toys on my bed. henry is always so happy and smiles so much in the morning. okay, he actually smiles all day long, but his sleepy smiles are the best.
alrighty, now Hallie is up and it's the mad dash to get ready in time for church. we were up pretty early this sunday so we were out the door in plenty of time.
and then we got stopped at a train and were late anyways. you just can't win.
church and sunday school is all done! time to go to barbs.
lunch at granny grandma's and papa's house.
now home so henry can nap and we can color!
henry wakes up and it's time to head to youth group! (do you love his shirt?!) 
henry gets passed around, which means i get a break! 
 a quick stop by grandma lucille's (not pictured) and then home for bath, bed and NURSING (also not pictured).

the end.

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