Sep 14, 2011

routine, routine, routine.

dave is gone again. blah.

we make it work by having a good routine. i love a good, consistent routine. don't mess with my routine.

5:25am - alarm goes off - snooze.
5:45am - up for the day - suck.
6:15am - get hallie up for the day - this is no easy task. the girl likes to sleep as much as i do.
6:30am - get mr. henry up for the day - oh the smiles.
7:05am - out the door to Irma's to drop henry off.
7:30am - drop hallie off at school.
7:40am - work.
4:30pm - off work, pick up henry.
5:00pm - home
5:30pm - supper
6:45pm - henry bath, bed (hallie takes a bath while i'm nursing henry)
7:30pm - henry asleep, time for hallie to bed.
7:45pm  - hallie in bed
7:45-bedtime - washing bottles, preparing bottles, pump bag together, my lunch made, hallie's lunch made, clean, clean, clean.
bedtime - ??? - as early as possible!

and that's how we get things done.

now, here's henry.

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