Sep 23, 2011


i'm in a funk. a pretty big one. so i'm posting a picture that always makes me smile. hallie wanted to play beauty shop and spent almost an hour brushing and messing with my hair - heaven!

i looked...well, you can see:
yes, those are pigtails. and hallie matches, oh yes she does.

and then henry always makes me smile.
oh he loves his bath soooo much. he just kicks and smiles and wants to talk - mom, i love my bath sooooo much!!! MOM! hey mom! baths are aweeeesome! it actually sounds like - oooh, oh, ooo, bubbles, bubbles, more bubbles, goo goo goooooo, squeal!

see how blury the picture is? because he won't stop squirming and kicking!  

okay, i feel better now.

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Betsy said...

Sorry about your funk, friend. But you really know how to rock those pigtails!!