Nov 17, 2011


sunday hallie complained about pain in her arm - her elbow area. monday morning hallie complained about her arm - same place. hmm. i called the doctor who thought we should come in for an x-ray. okaaaay, sure. i asked if she stopped complaining could we please cancel the appointment? nope, they needed to see her.

we drove up there tuesday afternoon. i thought for sure we would pop in for an x-ray, things would look perfect and we'd head to target for a slushie and some shopping. i love target so much. so much.

anyway, here's how it went all went down.

  • arrive and check in.
  • told to go to x-ray.
  • x-ray tells us to go back to check in. also, they want to do her x-ray without her cast on (???!!!).
  • sit in waiting room for 30 minutes.
  • sit in exam room for 10 minutes.
  • resident comes in, talks for two minutes and says it's time to get her cast off and oh yeah - why didn't we have an x-ray yet? (this is the part i start getting really grouchy.) i explain she's not ready for her cast off yet. that she had some pain and they wanted to see her. oh, okay.
  • back to x-ray we go, huge crowd. they squeeze us in.
  • back to the waiting room for another 15 minutes.
  • back to the exam room for 40 minutes. yep, i'm mad now.
all of this to tell us that the x-ray can't reliably show if the pins have moved. um, what? so they had to TAKE OFF HER CAST AND PUT ON A NEW ONE.

oh good gravy.

it was traumatic and painful and I tell you WHAT, if I have to see my kid in anymore pain anytime soon I will be TICKED OFF. i'm so sick of seeing her in pain. it breaks my heart.

but now we have a fresh, hot pink cast. and we still went to target. and i let her pick out WHATEVER SHE WANTED. and get a slushie.

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Kelly said...

oh, sweet hallie! we hope your arm is better soon. lincoln says he thinks your pink cast is cool :)