Dec 12, 2011


where has the time gone? seriously. where? show me where my tiny baby went. because this is not a tiny baby!

what a sweetie. at this point, henry:

*is 16.1 pounds, 26.5 inches long (30th and 40th%)
*so so so so happy
*sleeps through the night
*takes two naps
*loves irma
*loves mom and dad
*tolerates loves hallie
*still has no teeth
*drools like no other child i've ever seen before
*so so so so happy
*still loves his bath. he has never cried during a bath. ever.
*has never had an ear infection! or even a fever! glory be!
*seems to enjoy having his boogers sucked out with a bulb syringe
*hates getting dressed
*loves to be naked (like his daddy!)
*had his last taste of breast milk on his 6-month birthday (sad face)
*belly laughs when you try to stick his foot in his mouth
*likes baby oatmeal, but acts like you are feeding him poison if you give him any "real" food
*happiest baby EVER


Betsy said...

Happy half birthday, Henry!!

Cory likes to have his snot sucked out by the snot sucker, too. I've never seen a kid who thinks it's funny. Now I know of 2. Crazy babies!

Kelly said...

Someone needs to tell our babies to stop growing up so fast. My tiny baby also seems to have vanished. Waaaaaah! Mr. Henry is soooo cute. What a smile!!