Feb 14, 2012


this has been my favorite valentine's day so far.

we started the morning with fresh-from-the-oven cinnamon rolls (HUGE cinnamon rolls - and hallie ate an entire one by herself) and heart-shaped snausage. yum.

hallie was thrilled with her valentine's goodies - including some fake glasses. she is obsessed with my glasses and would love to have her own. so i found some. and she looks adorable.

we finished her valentine's last night and they turned out super cute.

and this guy is adorable.

and then we rented a cotton candy machine for our students at work. because i am stupid. and it's messy and loud and praise the lord we have a student worker to do it. yes.

and dave comes home today - huzzah! and we have a special valentine's dinner planned (garlic-balsalmic crusted pork tenderloin, parmesean asparagus and home-made oreos - yum).

and yes, i let hallie wear the glasses to school.

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Kelly said...

I have a friend that has a daughter who also wanted glasses, but didn't need them like Hallie...she is in junior high now and after wearing fake glasses since first grade, they are now telling her it's against dress code! She has been sent to the principals office twice. RIDICULOUS.