Feb 9, 2012


i'm stealing this from my girl, kelly. (click the link for her blog, or check it out on my side bar).


she has been setting goals each month (and DOING THEM) and i sort of maybe want to do that too. i'm just going to set a few (three?) and go from there. and yes, i know it's already the second week of feb. score!

1. work out at least three times a week.

2. try at least one new recipe a week (ha - this just feeds my pinterest addiction).

3. paint the stupid mirror in the the basement. i have the spray paint. just...do it.


paint the bathroom vanity in the basement.

oh the pressure. i feel it.

random picture: evil hallie


Kelly said...

Nice! Here's a bonus tip. Always include one goal that you have already done, just so you can mark it off :)

Keri Beth Mason said...

Dude, I have already worked out four times this week, so i'm already rocking goal one :)

And just made TWO new recipes for pinterest!

Really, it's the spray painting that is my "true" goal and will be the thorn in my side until it's done. I going to try HARD to do SOMETHING with it tonight. Or tomorrow. WEll, maybe.