Mar 1, 2012


and that is how you rock some february goals, people.

except the bonus goal, because that one was going to take way too much work.

recap - here are the goals:
1. work out at least three times a week.
*more like working out EVERY SINGLE DAY! go me, go me! i have finally found the trick to working out daily, which is to do it as soon as the kiddos go to bed. period. it's ME time and i'm loving it! and i've lost weight! and feel great! and have muscles! and energy! obviously!

2. try at least one new recipe a week (ha - this just feeds my pinterest addiction).
*well, we all know i've rocked this one big time. i really do enjoy cooking and love trying new recipes. not all have been steller, but it's been fun to try these new things.

3. paint the stupid mirror in the the basement. i have the spray paint. it.
*i did it! i did it! and it's still sitting, waiting for dave to hang it up!
first coat:

second coat:

and then i forgot to take a picture of the third coat, finished product. naturally. hey - i'll take one when dave hangs it! so in a few months!


paint the bathroom vanity in the basement.
march goals tomorrow!


alis-on said...

Go Keri! A few thoughts: i love your goals, your recipe posts, etc. what are you doing for your workouts? just curious...i need to get back to doing something. now that it is warmer i am walking more w/ c in the stroller. i have some workout dvds (jilian, jackie warner, etc) but always looking for new inspiration...please share your tips! ALSO I am so so excited that you are going to visit Sarah. Can't wait to see pictures and hear all about your visit. please hug her for me, hope you and hen have a great, safe trip.

Kelly said...

sweet! love the mirror.